What Will Make You Great?

Football season is in full swing. As you cheer on your favorite team, imagining you’re the all-star quarter-back throwing the game winning pass with seconds left in the fourth quarter. Are you thinking about the guys protecting you on the front line?

Odds are you aren’t. You’re entirely focused on finding an open man in the in-zone and building the gusto to heave the pigskin 40 yards. Your eyes scan from man to man, and you begin to pull your tired, bruised arm back in anticipation. Your seasoned instinct alerts you to your waning protective front line, and the pressure becomes panic. Ah hah! You see your target in the end zone. As the line growls and bends, you fire a pass that will land you in the history books. Touchdown!

Now, we’ve all imagined ourselves in varied moments of greatness, but have you stopped to think, “what made it possible for us to become great?” Greatness, much like sports moments that change history, is neither innate nor learned. Greatness occurs in a perfect storm of opportunity and preparation.

As the quarter-back in leading your operation, when will you have your moment of greatness? With Operative IQ, it can happen sooner than you think.

Whether your team is a small community operation or a multi-station company, Operative IQ is your protection on the front line. From Inventory and Asset Management to Controlled Substance Tracking, Operative IQ’s intuitive operations management software offers all the protection EMS and Fire professionals need to form the perfect storm of opportunity and preparation.

How prepared are you for your opportunity of greatness?

Inventory supply requests sent directly from electronic check sheets, fleet issues reported from the road, and an unmatched narcotic tracking feature that will have you questioning how you ever stayed fully DEA compliant without it. In essence, Operative IQ prepares you and your operation for the big game. We’ve got you covered. Our training will coach you, and our support staff will guide you. Operative IQ is your winning team!

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