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Inventory Management Software

Operative IQ goes beyond standard warehouse inventory management software by continuing to track inventory in the field. Our operations management software provides you with complete visibility across a distributed supply chain.

We save you time and money with streamlined processes that reduce stock issues, manage expiration dates and generate purchase orders based on supply usage and current business requirements.

Supply Room Management
Keep track of all your inventory across multiple supply rooms.  Track lot numbers and expiration dates for perishable items.  Establish Par (max) and Reorder (min) Points for each Supply Room to ensure product availability and reduce waste.  Cycle Count on-hand quantities periodically to establish accurate counts and process compliance.
Field Level Inventory Management
Manage inventory on vehicles, at stations or in clinics so frontline personnel have the items they need.  Track lot numbers and expiration dates for perishable items.  Easily generate Supply Requests to your Supply Rooms for restock.
Purchase Orders
Quickly create Purchase Orders for all of your Suppliers based on your Par (max) and Reorder (min) points.  Use role based security and purchasing approvals to control who can order.  Submit purchase orders electronically to any supplier or leverage one of our integrated suppliers for an even more streamlined ordering process.
Receive, Transfer and Issue Inventory
Control the flow of inventory as it moves through your operation.  Easily receive inventory against your purchase orders and transfer stock between supply rooms.  Then issue inventory to the field to reduce your on-hand quantity and trigger the next round of purchase orders.
Kits & Speed Loader Process
High efficiency operations kit inventory to support their Speed Loader Process.  Allowing field personnel to quickly exchange inventory, while the Kits are reloaded during non peak times in the Supply Room.  The Kit & Speed Loader Process allows operations to build, check out and track the restock of Kits used in the field.

Asset Management

The proper care of your company equipment is essential to the success of your operation.

If equipment is damaged, lost or stolen it will directly impact your service levels and overall operation costs.

Let’s establish good controls to manage the location, maintenance and replacement schedules for all your critical assets.

Asset Records Management
Maintain records for all of your company assets from the date of purchase to the day they are decommissioned.  Record maintenance, attach files and capture costs to build a complete historical view and cost of ownership.  Create custom fields to report on information important to your operation.
Preventative Maintenance
Take record keeping to the next level for equipment that requires periodic maintenance.  Establish a maintenance schedule to create visibility across the operation to the next required maintenance.  Use custom forms to record maintenance and attach supporting documentation.
Check Out / Check In
Keep track of an equipment’s location by checking it out to crew members, vehicles, stations, clinics or external agencies.  Transfer equipment during shift changes, capturing electronic signatures and due back dates.  When equipment is not in use simply check it back in to the Supply Room.
Asset Tracking
Easily perform periodic audits of checked out equipment and quickly identify when equipment has changed locations or becomes missing.  Transfer equipment during the audit process to update its current location.  View the audit history to ensure crew members are performing their required tasks.
Asset Classes
Use Asset Classes to indicate required equipment for vehicles, stations or clinics to field personnel performing inspections.  Allowing field personnel to easily report back what equipment they have in their possession and easily identify items that they may be missing.  Recover missing assets quicker by knowing their last location.
Designed Around the Way you Work

Inventory Management

Asset Management

Check Sheet Features for Inventory and Asset Management

Reconcile inventory in the field while on vehicles, at stations or in clinics generating a restock supply request at the same time.  Use sealed cabinets to quickly verify areas that have not changed since the last inventory check.  Report on expiration dates for perishable items.
Send restock supply request to your Supply Room.  Allow field personnel to pick their own supplies and auto accept their request, or configure the software so a supply manager can manage requests and issue supplies based on availability.
Log the use of supply inventory against call numbers to enable call level reporting and quality assurance reviews.  Search for items by name or view by cabinet location.  Capture important expiration dates and submit the call along with a restock supply request.
Respond to inspection questionnaires to capture additional information about the location.  Automatically notify supervisors based on questionnaire responses.  Schedule questionnaires to report on important information in a timely manner without redundancy.
Quickly verify the location of equipment, transferring new equipment and highlighting missing equipment.   View maintenance history and record maintenance for each asset while in the field.  Stay on top of upcoming preventative maintenance requirements to ensure all assets are ready for service.
EMS Charts users can Log Supply Usage in their patient care charts and easily synchronize the data to Operative IQ to create call logs and generate restock supply requests.  Contact your EPCR provider to ask about adding this integration.
Available for Web users and on iTunes and Google Play for mobile devices.

"Within 9 months we were able to reduce our inventory overhead by 65%."

– Chris Venters, Russell County EMS
I am writing to share my experience as a customer of Operative IQ. I started the setup process in January of 2016 and we went live department wide in March of 2016. Within 9 months we were able to reduce our inventory overhead by 65%, and then an additional 10% by integrating multiple suppliers to help reduce cost since the beginning of 2017. Prior to utilizing Operative IQ our department tended to overorder supplies, thinking it was better to have a large supply than run out. Since we can so closely monitor usage and inventory levels we have been able to greatly reduce our inventory levels without fear of running out of supplies. All of this has translated into reduction of waste, in the form of fewer outdated inventory items being thrown away, as well as a significant reduction in the average monthly amount spent on ordering items. To date we have been able to demonstrate a 60% reduction in average monthly expenses on disposable supplies. The software has also allowed us to consolidate the number of orders put in, reducing costs associated with sipping and giving us the ability to plan ahead and take advantage of specials from our suppliers. The savings generated have greatly outweighed the cost of the software.

In addition to reduced costs, I have also noticed an increase in accountability in our ambulance inspections by the crews. After a few months of the system being utilized, our crews realized how closely our administrative staff can monitor the accuracy of their truck checks. We have now gone over 6 months without a single instance of something being missed or items missing on the truck that should have been noticed on the truck checks.

Overall, we have been very happy with the system, and are in the process of expanding our subscription to include the Fleet Module as well. Chris Venters

Director, Russell County EMS

IQ Mobile Inventory Management App for First Responders to interact with the Inventory Management and Asset Management Software for all of your operation's Inventory and Asset Management needs
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