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RFID Tracking

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) provides real-time monitoring of items critical to the success of your operation.  Operative IQ’s RFID System provides multiple equipment configuration options to track assets, drug boxes, security seals and supply kits.  We will customize your solution to your use case with multiple RFID reader and antenna options capable of tracking Passive RFID tags and Active RFID BLE Beacons.  RFID readers can be installed using DC power from a vehicle, AC power, or power over Ethernet (POE) and include WiFi, GPS and Status Light capabilities.

Radio Freqency Identification

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. The tags contain electronically stored information that is used to identify objects. Passive RFID Tags collect energy from a nearby RFID reader’s interrogating radio waves.  Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon Tags (BLE) function as signal transmitters to extend the reach of RFID readers up to 70 meters.

Controlled Substance Tracking

The RFID Drug Safe provides you real time monitoring and lightning fast audits of individual controlled substances and drug boxes in your drug safe.  The RFID equipment for tracking controlled substances can be use to retrofit your current drug safe or purchased as a complete drug safe ready to save you time and money.

Asset Tracking

Operative IQ’s RFID System enables you to track equipment using a combination of Passive Tags and BLE Beacons.  Tracking equipment with RFID provides you real-time location status without the manual labor.  Quickly locate your equipment as it moves around your operation and identify assets that may be lost or misplaced during the course of business.

Cabinet Inspections with RFID Security Seals

RFID Security Seals reduce the inspection times on vehicles with sealed cabinets.  Our fixed reader uses RFID to inspect cabinet RFID Security Seals in a matter of seconds to provide you fast, accurate results at a fraction of the labor cost of standard cabinet inspections.

Kit & Speedloader Tracking

High performance operations that use Kits & Speedloaders can use our fixed reader to accurately identify the kits on a particular vehicle.  The accuracy of Kit inspections is critical for monitoring expiration dates and lot numbers on perishable items and for tracking supply usage in the field.

Check Sheet Features


Real-time Monitoring
with RFID provides
Huge Labor Savings

Check Sheet Features for Operative IQ’s RFID System

Operative IQ’s RFID System automatically identifies all equipment located on the vehicle.  Missing equipment is flagged for further inspection by field personnel.  Newly found equipment is presented for check out or transfer so your asset location records are up to date.

Verify your RFID Security Seals on cabinets in a matter of seconds.  Provide field personnel with accurate data and a target list of exceptions to focus on during their inventory inspection.

Identifies Kits located on the vehicle and displays them under View Kit Information for field personnel to review.  Identifying Kits with expired parts so they can be swapped out of service.

Available for Web users and on iTunes and Google Play for mobile devices.
RFID Drug Safe

Leverage the power of Operative IQ’s RFID System to provide real-time alerts and lightning fast audits of controlled substances and drug boxes through the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).

Safe complete with RFID Tracking with the additional functionality to track drug boxes using radio frequency identification
IQ Genius RFID complete with Radio Frequency Identification tracking for narcotics and assets designed with first responders in mind

Clearer, Better, Faster, Smarter Results with RFID

Let’s customize an RFID solution that will reduce your labor and increase the accuracy of your information.

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