IQ Mobile and IQ Status Board Enable you to Break away from the desk!

It’s amazing to hear how Operative IQ is transforming the way our clients manage operations. We love to draw on this excitement when developing new applications, always seeking innovative ways to bridge the physical and virtual worlds we work in today. We are excited to share how IQ Mobile and IQ Status Board are bridging the gap between our worlds.

IQ Mobile, a powerfully simple tool for inventory management. Allowing you to use your mobile phone or tablet to manage inventory, assets and purchases. Laser barcode readers are available for most mobile devices as well as a small laser barcode reader that can be worn on a lanyard or clipped to your belt. The IQ Mobile application is included with your Operative IQ service. Talk to your Operative IQ Account Manager about barcode scanning equipment options. Read More

IQ Status Board brings key data to the big screen while adding mobility to access your status board from a mobile device. Status boards are customized to your requirements allowing you to display information that is critical to your operation’s managers on a beautiful HDTV. If your not in the office or shop, no problem you can pull the status board up on your phone. Talk to your Operative IQ Account Manager about creating a IQ Status Board for your operation. Read More

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