Datalogic USB Barcode Reader | Operative IQ

Datalogic USB Barcode Reader

A very nice, low cost barcode reader with a 6 foot USB cable and incredible barcode scanning speed and accuracy. We recommend this barcode reader for small supply rooms, check out counters, inventory counting with a laptop or USB enabled tablet and for use on vehicles to scan cabinet seals when using the Operative IQ Quick Seal scan functionality. The readers can also be used with a reader stand that can be used on a desk or mounted to a wall.



Barcode Scanning Increases Efficiency

Barcode scanning greatly enhances your efficiency when managing inventory and assets. Barcodes allow you to quickly receive inventory, count inventory, issue inventory, transfer inventory and check in and out assets. By scanning item barcodes you reduce the opportunity for error. It is estimated that barcodes increase efficiency by 60% when compared to manual paper processes.

EMS Technology Solutions offers a variety of barcode scanning equipment. All equipment offered has been certified to work easily with Operative IQ without the need for third-party software.

EMS Technology Solutions has partnered with Datalogic, a global leader in barcode scanning technology. Datalogic provides readers that are easy to connect and very reliable. Datalogic’s barcode readers also feature Datalogic’s exclusive patented ‘Green Spot’ for good read feedback directly on the barcode.