Datalogic Wireless Bluetooth Barcode Reader

Datalogic Wireless Bluetooth Barcode Reader provides mobility when scanning barcodes.



Datalogic Wireless Bluetooth Barcode Reader

The Datalogic Wireless Bluetooth Barcode Reader comes with a charging cradle that connects to a PC via USB to provide data communication.  It provides up to 98 feet of wireless range from the cradle.

When used with Bluetooth enabled computers and mobile devices it can be paired directly to the device.  In this case the cradle is used for charging only and an optional AC power adapter can be used in place of the USB cable.

We recommend mobile barcode readers for vehicles, stations and supply rooms where being tied to the desk is not preferred. The battery is a user-replaceable long lasting Lithium-Ion battery.

EMS Technology Solutions offers a variety of barcode scanning equipment. All equipment offered has been certified to work easily with Operative IQ without the need for third party software.

EMS Technology Solutions has partnered with Datalogic, a global leader in barcode scanning technology. Datalogic provides readers that are easy to connect and very reliable. Datalogic’s barcode readers also feature Datalogic’s exclusive patented ‘Green Spot’ for good read feedback directly on the barcode.