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RFID Drug Safe

EMS Technology Solution’s RFID Drug Safe offers automated tracking of your operation’s controlled substances and narcotic medications. Working in partnership with Operative IQ’s Narcotics Tracking program, the 2017 EMS World Innovation Award winner helps you ensure that your operation’s controlled substances are safe and accounted for.


EMS Technology Solution’s RFID Drug Safe is versatile and adaptable to any operation. It offers both a kit design that can be adapted to fit an existing safe or a pre-built safe option. The RFID Drug Safe tracks both drug boxes and loose medications through the Operative IQ system. Each drug within the safe is tagged with a passive RFID tag, replacing the standard control number tags currently used within the industry. Drug boxes may be tracked using BLE beacons and passive RFID tags. Both the beacons and the tags communicate with Operative IQ’s Operations Management Software to provide accurate and reportable data that can be ready for an audit within minutes.