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These aren’t photos of toys — they’re real service professionals posing with real gear.


Paramedics participating in the 2019 Tetris Challenge. The paramedics are laying in front of an ambulance with their equipment symmetrically laid out around them.A new trend has emerged called The Tetris Challenge. This challenge clearly shows all that needs to be tracked within the emergency services industry, and it is also pretty fun to participate in.Today’s service providers respond to some pretty tough situations in their day-to-day tasks while facing increased call volume and higher expectations for patient experience delivered. To meet these increasing demands agencies work to eliminate waste, create a more streamlined workflow and…have a little fun together! 

With the Tetris Challenge, there seems to be something satisfying about organizing colorful objects on the ground into neat grids. These grids have become a social media phenomenon like the game Tetris. Now, there’s a trend among emergency service providers and other industry professionals that playfully brings the 1980s video game to real life. 

Having a system in place to perform regular checks and manage assets, inventory & fleet maintenance is a key component to improving agency efficiency. In a critical situation your team doesn’t have time to search for equipment & supplies that should be right within reach. Police officers partaking in the 2019 Tetris Challenge.

The Tetris Challenge started on September 1st, 2019 when the Zurich police published an image on social media of two officers lying on the ground, surrounded by the contents of their car. The car, the crew and each item is laid out in a geometric pattern. Since then, public services units from around the world have joined in – artistically photographing their work equipment (and even themselves) laid out in tidy rows.

The fun challenge gives a nod to knolling, a term coined in 1987 by a janitor named Andrew Kromelow who was working at Frank Gehry’s furniture studio. It involves organizing related objects and tools on the floor at right angles, allowing you to see every item clearly in a photograph. Today’s Tetris Challenge is a fun way to visualize the often chaotic nature of working in emergency services in a visually satisfying and an organized way. Creating a very clear way to see all the assets, supplies and even narcotics used daily in emergency service also quantifies the continual flow of inventory items & equipment that must be tracked. 

Firefighters partaking in the 2019 Tetris Challenge. The firefighters are laid out in front of a fire truck with their gear symmetrically placed around them.Now from Switzerland to Taiwan, police, firefighters, paramedics and flight crews are laying their equipment to take part in the on-line trend. Scroll down to check out some of the best Tetris Challenge compositions so far. (add images here) Have you laid out your equipment to see how many items you have to track on a daily basis?

To enter the Tetris Challenge simply layout all your gear in personal in the sample fashion. Have an aerial photographer or drone come by and snap an image. Then you are ready to post away on any social media platform with the hashtag #TetrisChallenge. 

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The Operative IQ team partaking in the 2019 Tetris Challenge.About Us

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