VIDEO: IQ Genius Handheld RFID Reader in Action

Live look into the Snohomish Fire District 7 IQ Genius Handheld RFID Reader implementation

Deputy Chief Scott Dorsey and Operative IQ President EJ Aufderheide show our latest innovation in action as the technology is rolled out at Snohomish Fire District 7. In the below Facebook Live video from October 2018, Chief Dorsey shares his first-hand experience with the device as well as immediate time and labor savings he is experiencing within his operation following implementation. Click the video below to hear his story and to take a look for your self at this new advancement.



EMS Technology Solutions Continues to Deliver Innovative Solutions to Operations Management

EMS Technology Solution’s IQ Genius Handheld RFID Reader works seamlessly with Operative IQ’s Inventory Management system to reduce labor costs while improving the accuracy of supply room inventory counts, expiration date tracking and lot number management.

Upon receipt of goods, users can quickly print and encode unique RFID tags for each item within the order to track product quantity as well as expiration dates and lot numbers. Once printed, the RFID Tags are affixed to the item and later used to perform inventory cycle counts using the IQ Genius Handheld RFID Reader.

With the IQ Genius Handheld RFID Reader, users can wirelessly scan a room using Radio Frequency Identification to reconcile inventory counts quickly and more accurately than traditional manual counts.  Users can use the integrated bar-code reader to start inventorying a Single SKU or switch to Full Inventory mode to count all items in a given supply room.

As items are counted the IQ Genius Handheld RFID Reader beeps to alert the user that new items are being found.  When the beeping stops the user has completed their inventory and no new RFID tags are being found.  A Preview feature allows the user to see what they have counted and any potential inventory adjustments to be made.  At this point, the user can choose to continue the inventory count, placing the scanner back in to read mode to find additional inventory tags, or submit their inventory count to adjust their quantity on hand.

The result is fast, accurate inventory management combined with huge labor savings for Fire and EMS.

Operative IQ receives raved reviews during a JEMS Pannel Discussion

EMS Technology Solutions’ Operative IQ received great reviews during JEMS’ recent asset management panel “Changing the Game: Embrace new technology to manage assets,” on Tuesday, November 14, 2017.

JEMS’ panel discussion featured several of the industry’s top leaders to discuss the results of a 327-respondent survey administered by JEMS on the general topic of efficient asset management. Respondents were asked questions that included identifying: issues within inventory management, estimated waste of inventory per year, inventory level management, technology solutions to address inventory issues and supply accountability. Panelists Dr. James J. Augustine Medical Director for U.S. Acute Care Solutions, Chief Michael Baker Director of Emergency Medical Services for the Tulsa Fire Department and Sean Tyler President and COO of Fallon Ambulance deliberated and offered industry insight to the survey results.

When asked about the tacking of prescription medications, Chief Michael Baker Director of EMS for Tulsa Fire Department disclosed at the beginning of the panel discussion his operation’s employment of Operative IQ. Prior to the operations management software, Tulsa Fire used paper logs to track its controlled substances. According to Chief Baker, this process was inefficient and costly with regards to the man hours it took to continue to track the medications. Now, Chief Baker knows his narcotic medications are safe and accounted for because he can track where they are at all times through the Operative IQ Controlled Substance Tracking system.

“We don’t have any concerns about equipment that is in that system,” Chief Baker said. “It’s been a very beneficial process for us to be able to have that everyday accountability.”

Before Tulsa Fire began using Operative IQ, tracking expiration dates on controlled substances was a hassle. The operation’s tracking system consisted of a “phone tree,” calling various members within the agency to identify when medications were about to expire and needed to be replaced.

“Now we can pull it up in real time and look what’s out there and understand what we have to order and not,” Chief Baker said.

To hear more of Chief Michael Baker’s commentary, the full panel’s discussion and the survey results, please visit JEMS’ website. The video is available on-demand video, but viewers must complete a short, one time registration form before being re-directed to the discussion.

EMS Technology Solutions offers cutting edge, but affordable operations management software and products designed with First Responders in mind. The company’s Operative IQ Operations Management Software offers modules that include: Inventory Management, Asset Management, Purchasing Features, Integrated Purchasing, Fleet Management, Service Desk and RFID Tracking. EMS Technology Solutions has won four consecutive EMS World Top Innovation Awards for its operations management software.

For more information, please contact the Operative IQ team.

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