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Operative IQ is an Operations Management Software designed specifically for First Responders

Check Sheet

The Operative IQ Check Sheet is used by field personnel to communicate back to the operation.  The functionality will differ based on the modules you use.  It provides offline support in areas with no WiFi signal, allowing your team to continue to document their finding. Data synchronizes quickly between devices when connected to give everyone on the team the latest information and action items.

Available for Web users and on iTunes and Google Play for mobile devices.

Inventory Management
Use the Check Sheet to reconcile inventory in the field, log supply usage and request items for restock.  Users can capture expiration dates on perishable items as well as track inventory Kits.  It is a fast, effective way to ensure your field operations are ready for service.
Asset Management
The Check Sheet’s Asset Management allows field personnel to verify the location of your equipment.  It can be configured to allow users to check out and transfer equipment as it moves.  You can also view equipment maintenance history and record maintenance.  It is a very powerful tool that keeps your equipment ready for service.
Inspection Questionnaires allow you to build custom forms and schedule inspections of anything.  Inspections can trigger notifications to supervisors and trigger work orders for fleet managers when using the Fleet Management module. We have seen a lot of creative uses of questionnaires that prove its true versatility.
Fleet Management
Connect your field personnel with Fleet Managers and allow them to share information back and forth about vehicles.  Capture vehicle mileage, kilometers and engine hours and create work orders based on Inspections.  Correspond on work orders when additional information is needed.  By sharing information people can work together to keep your vehicles on the road.
Service Desk
Service Desk allows Check Sheet users to communicate support tickets to department managers and track the history of tickets to vehicles, assets and locations.  By using Service Desk on the check sheet oncoming crew members can quickly review support tickets, respond with additional information and reduce redundant communications.
Narcotics Tracking
The Check Sheet provides a portal in to the Narcotics Tracking application so crew members are not required to login to document their controlled substance chain of custody transactions.
IQ Genius RFID
When using IQ Genius data in the Check Sheet can be automatically updated.  This saves field personnel time when performing inventory and asset reconciliation.  With RFID they can focus on the exceptions instead of performing routine tasks.
Connect Field Personnel to Operations Managers with the Operative IQ Electronic Check Sheet

Electronic Check Sheet

Check Sheet is a unique feature within Operative IQ that allows users to conduct Asset Management, Inventory Management and Fleet Management from within the field


Improve communication from the field by using the Operative IQ Electronic Check Sheet.  We can show you how. 

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