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Controlled Substance Tracking

Operative IQ Narcotics tracking is designed to meet controlled substance tracking demands and replace paper controlled substance log books.

Maintain true cradle-to-grave history that provides your medical director peace of mind by recording the receipt, movement, administration and final disposition of each individual drug.

Sign transactions with a biometric finger print for added confidence and security.

Chain Of Custody Log
Maintain a cradle-to-grave Chain of Custody Log for each controlled substance that enters your operation.  Record details of every transaction, capturing critical information along with a secure biometric finger print signature from crew members involved.
Narcotics Safe
Capture the NDC, expiration date and lot number for each controlled substance.  Assign individual control numbers to each drug to allow for cradle to grave tracking as they move though your operation.  Easily audit your Narcotics Safe to ensure accuracy and compliance with policies.
Drug Boxes
Load controlled substances in to sealed drug boxes for faster, more secure exchange of drugs between shifts.  Quickly report on the location of each drug box, the contents of the box as well as the history of its movement.
Control Number Search
Review the Chain of Custody and transaction history for each controlled substance.  View responses to custom transaction forms and download attachments.
Actions & Custom Forms
Replace your paper log books with Operative IQ.  Record each action taken during the life cycle of a drug and complete forms customized to your operation.  Send email notifications to supervisors when particular actions occur.
Electronic Records
With electronic records, you can quickly report on the transaction history of your personnel as well as each individual drug that your operation receives.  Allowing you to identify potential issues before they happen.

Narcotics Tracking

RFID Drug Safe
Provide real-time alerts and lightning fast audits of controlled substances and drug boxes through the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).
Operative IQ's award winning RFID Drug Safe
Narcotics Tracking


Learn how we are helping departments reduce the risk of diversion through controlled substance accountability.

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