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Well maintained vehicles are critical to your safety and risk management. The days of relying on white boards to manage maintenance schedules are behind us. We can now focus on management of fleet vehicles based on feedback from crew inspections, repair requests and scheduled preventative maintenance. Effective fleet management provides supervisors and technicians the information they need to perform their duties.

Geotab Fleet Telematics
Scheduled Maintenance
Stay on top of Scheduled Maintenance for all of your fleet vehicles.  Create maintenance schedules based on vehicle mileage, kilometers, hours or time duration. Complete custom maintenance forms to report on information that is important to your operation.
Unscheduled Repairs
Handle unscheduled repairs while vehicles are in for their Scheduled Maintenance or bring them in as necessary to complete needed repairs.  Document repairs on custom work orders, capturing labor cost, part costs and warranty information.
Maintenance Log
View all your maintenance history in the maintenance log, or generate custom reports to help you evaluate the cost per mile to operate each vehicle.  Import your existing maintenance history and fuel card data to keep all fleet information readily available for review.
Cost Itemization
Itemize service costs, parts cost and labor costs on your work orders regardless of whether the work was performed in house, for a customer or sent out to one of your service providers.  Add custom fields to your work orders to itemize any additional costs that you may incur during the course of maintaining your fleet.
Fleet managers can communicate directly to the field regarding the status of a work order or to inquire about additional details needed to complete the job.  Vehicle Service Status allows managers to report on out of service times.
Geotab - Fleet Telematics
Operative IQ offers Fleet Maintenance integration with the telematics solution Geotab. Remove the chance for human error and reduce labor time with this automated fleet maintenance solution. Capture real time vehicle, driver and trip information through the Geotab Go7 device which plugs directly into the OBDII port. The device captures second-by-second vehicle data that can be utilized in your agency’s Operative IQ Fleet Maintenance Module.

Report fleet issues directly from the front line with Operative IQ.

Stay Connected
Operative IQ enables your field personnel to directly report mileage, kilometers, hours and vehicle repairs directly to the Fleet Management department.  Creating work orders for scheduled maintenance and repair requests. Fleet Managers can easily communicate back to crew members to share repair status or to get more information to complete the job.

"EMS Technology Solutions is an outstanding company with a knowledgeable and helpful staff."

– Mark Hopper, Pike Township Fire Department
Pike Township Fire Department is a small, but busy, department outside of Indianapolis Indiana.  We have five fire stations and approximately fifty vehicles in our fleet.  We operate our own maintenance shop and do as many repairs as possible in-house.  Before Operative IQ, we were not NFPA compliant.  We used a dry erase board to track the last date and mileage of services performed.  We did not have records of repairs made or costs associated with those repairs.  We knew this needed to change and began looking for a software service to help.  We found many companies that wanted to sell us a product.  However, none of them could compare to Operative IQ.  The customer service and dedication EMS Technology Solutions provides is second to none.

Operative IQ  has been instrumental in updating and streamlining our fleet operation.  Through the use of the Check Sheet App we digitized all daily, weekly and monthly checks.  This provides us to have real time mileage information for every vehicle.  This information, combined with the maintenance schedules feature of the Fleet Maintenance module, allows us to plan for maintenance, rather than react out of necessity.  Additionally, we are now able to track every repair done to every vehicle.  These records are stored offsite, on the Operative IQ servers, and kept indefinitely.  This fully complies with NFPA regulations that records be kept for the life of the vehicle.  We created work order forms and track as much information as we can.  The date of repair, complaint from the driver, failures found and the steps made to correct the issues are all vital information to a maintenance shop.

The Fleet Maintenance module was so successful for us that we added Inventory Management and Service Desk.  We are currently using the Inventory module to track costs of parts installed during services and repairs.  In past years we exceeded our annual repair budget, being able to have actual repair costs has been of great service for budgeting.  As a result, our EMS department has started using the Inventory module as well to order and track EMS supplies.  We are now planning to implement an inventory process at the vehicle level for further accuracy and narcotics tracking.  We purchased a three-day onsite training to aid in our implementation of Operative IQ.

EMS Technology Solutions is an outstanding company with a knowledgeable and helpful staff.  The president of the company has personally taken the time to call me when we had an issue arise, and the problem was solved within hours.  I cannot imagine we would have received this type of service with any other company. Mark Hopper

Support Services Specialist, Pike Township Fire Department

Check Sheet Features for Fleet Maintenance

Build maintenance schedules for each of your vehicle types based on mileage, kilometers, engine hours or time duration.  Create custom work orders to report on critical information for each maintenance type.  When maintenance is due, the Fleet Manager will be notified so work can be completed on time.
Field personnel can easily communicate with Fleet Managers when vehicle repairs need to be performed.  Unscheduled repair requests create an alert for the Fleet Manager to review, allowing them to take immediate action or create plans to handle minor repairs with the next scheduled maintenance.
All work orders are available for review by the Fleet Manager in the Maintenance Log making it easy to refer back to past work or reoccurring issues.  Print work orders and invoices directly from the Maintenance Log to provide to your customers.  Import your existing fleet maintenance and fuel card data for a complete cost of ownership.
Connecting your field personnel with your Fleet Manager gives everyone ownership to manage the fleet.  Crew members can report mileage, kilometers, engine hours and maintenance requests that trigger vehicle maintenance alerts.  Fleet Managers can communicate back to the field on work orders to share status and request additional information.
Customize your work orders to enable mechanics to easily report key information for the job.  Itemize part costs, service costs, fuel costs and any additional costs that pertain to the work completed.  Vary your form data fields to include system database lookup, date, time, drop down, file upload, numeric, text, and yes/no questions.
Available for Web users and on iTunes and Google Play for mobile devices.
Fleet Maintenance for First Responders with electronic work orders


Learn how Operative IQ Fleet Maintenance can help you keep your most valuable assets on the road.

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