Members of the Operative IQ team gave advice on the top ways to use RFID technology. As we collected the data, we quickly realized this information had to be shared. Here are just a few of the top ideas shared on the best ways to use RFID technology and tips to consider as you embark upon your automation journey.

“One of the biggest concerns new customers have is how they are going to get crew buy-in. The Handheld RFID reader makes counting supply rooms and verifying assets on the unit so easy and quick, buy in is a no brainer and both crew and management are happy and in compliance.”

– Laura Martin Regional Sales Director (Western Region)

“You can easily ensure your supply room counts are accurate just by walking around a supply room with a Handheld RFID Reader. Being able to know what you have on hand and when you need to order with just a simple step is a key to success.”

– Arthur Swartz Account Manager (Pacific NW & Great Plains)

“Need to save time within your inventory counting? Our RFID Technology can take you from hours to minutes in your Inventory Management. Fast, easy reliable and pure efficiency. So, what would you do with your extra time?“

– Brent Miller Account Manager (West & HI)

“The two scenarios I see customers using RFID technology and is also the first question I ask is, do you want to monitor or audit the items being tracked by RIFID. What this means is does the customer want a fixed solution that will constantly monitor items in a given location, or a mobile solution that can be used to audit items in one or more locations. Most customers that choose a fixed solution will use the fixed RFID reader to constantly monitor controlled substances in a safe. Customers that choose a solution for conducting audits, typically go with our handheld reader that will give them the ability to walk through a supply room or vehicle and quickly conduct and audit on items with RFID tags to see what is missing.”

– Blake Stewart Strategic Account Executive

“Customers often have concerns regarding human error or hoarding when it comes to crews collecting supplies. With RFID you are able to take that human error and guess work out of your inventory management. What that does for you is keep a consistent count of supplies on hand and prevents over/under ordering on a specific supply”

– Alex Daniel Account Manager (Southeast)